St Mark's Church, Enfield

An inclusive Christian family in Bush Hill Park


At St Mark's, we welcome enquiries about Holy Baptism (also known as christening) and Confirmation.   These are the services at which individuals - children and adults - become members of the Body of Christ, and received into the family of the Church. Detailed information about what is involved can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of this section. 

If you live in the parish (broadly speaking, the part of Bush Hill Park south of Lincoln Road and east of Bush Hill Park station), and are seeking baptism of a baby or young child, this is usually very quick and easy to arrange.  Those who live outside the geographical parish are expected to become part of the regular worshipping community - which means at least regularly attending the 10:00am Parish Mass on Sunday for 6 months.  Most infant baptisms at St Mark's take place in a special service, typically at 12 noon on a Sunday, on a date agreed with Fr Paul or Fr Stephen.

It is the tradition of the Church of England for older children and adults to be baptised and confirmed at the same time, following a short course of preparation.  This service is conducted by the Bishop at certain times of the year (particularly at Easter), and is usually the point at which people receive Holy Communion for the first time.  People who are already confirmed in another part of the Christian Church, and who wish formally to join the Church of England, are also received into the Church at this service.

If you have questions, or would like to take matters further, please contact us by phone: 020 8363 2780; by e-mail:; by speaking to one of the clergy after a service; or by calling into church on Saturday mornings between 11:00am and 12 noon, when one of them will usually be around to help.  Do not be afraid to ask, even if you are not a regular churchgoer, or feel that there are special circumstances which apply to you.  We will do our best to help.