St Mark's Church, Enfield

An inclusive Christian family in Bush Hill Park




Sundays (from 29 December 2013)


10:30am    Morning Prayer

11:00am   PARISH MASS (3rd Sunday - Family Mass)




There is usually a celebration of Holy Communion on Wednesdays at 12 noon, and Saturdays at 10:30am


There are additional services on festivals; at Christmas, and during Holy Week and Easter.  These are advertised separately.  St Mark's uses the Common Worship calendar, lectionary, and orders for Holy Communion and Daily Prayer.


Worship style


Our worship is traditional in form, but relaxed in style; and recognises that many of us worship best when there is colour and movement, and when we can be ourselves.  We are not happy-clappy, but neither are we po-faced.  We aim to offer liturgy which is dignified without undue stiffness.  And we try to be friendly without bothering people who'd rather be left alone.


Our main acts of worship take place with the congregation sitting opposite each other in a sort of oval, with the liturgy taking place in the middle.  This means that, for our main service, the Eucharist (also called Mass or Holy Communion) we are a family gathered around the table to be spiritually fed by the Lord.



Children and young people


The Family Mass (3rd Sunday in the month) is designed with the needs of younger members in mind.  We recognise that young children may find it difficult to keep still and quiet during services; and there are toys and books for them to use at all services.  There are also child-friendly service booklets for those who are able to follow the service.


There is a Sunday school - the Lions' Den - which runs during the first part of the 11:00am service on the first Sunday of the month and which is suitable for primary school age children.  There is also a "creche" area in a side aisle where children can play quietly, but which does not prevent those in it from taking part in the service.  We encourage everyone (including children) to engage with as much of the liturgy as they can.